London bound

H&M shirt dress and bag, New Look cardigan, Vagabond boots, Cheap Monday sunglasses

hello there! so iam back from the longest hiatus ever. to be honest, i actually thought about quitting the blog for good cause i wasn't feeling like blogging at all. i created my blog from my genuine feelings so if i don't feel good about it, i wouldn't want to do it. the hiatus time was the busiest time of my life so far, i had school and my internship and my writing works. it just took all the time and i even had no time to meet up with friends or chill alone at a cafe shop. but it is all over now and i am in LONDON!

so yeah, as you might or might not know, i am in London at the moment, living it up. i haved moved here 2 weeks ago to finish my Bachelor degree and considering about taking my Master degree here as well (but iam not certain about this yet). i love it here, so much. i have always dreamed about going to London, my heart always drawn to it like it is some place that i actually belong to. i love Europe in general as i have visited Germany and France in the past but seriously, no place is like London. it's true love.

i have many pictures to show you but if you follow my instagram @kimnguyn you might get more update. consider this post as a start of my London diary. there will be plenty more to come since i have decided to blog as much as i can again.

talk to you soon!

P.S: i re-dyed my hair.


  1. Yay finally! Such cute photos. :D Keep it up and let's meet again soon!

  2. Ah you're in London! I love it so much I try to visit when I can, maybe I'll bump into you haha I've just discovered your blog and I am so obsessed :) You look super cute.
    Lucia's Loves

  3. What camera do you use to take these photos? They are gorgeous, captured the best of London!

  4. I like your all photos. Excellent looking you are. Looking like a superfood chocolate. Thanks to share such type of nice photos.