Throw back

Nosbyn crop-top, Lam Boutique striped pants, Suite Blanco flats

i know that i just uploaded a post last night but i found these photos which come from a photoshoot i did for Lam Boutique quite awhile ago. these striped pants were one of my most favorite item from them, so simple yet chic.

a little bit of weather update: the day i arrive London was sunny and hot, much to my surprise but since yesterday it got colder and today it rain like it supposed to be. i don't complain though, i like cold weather and now i can layer up as much as i want to. 

orientation won't start for another week so now i do have a lot of free time to absorbing more culture and arts. visited National Gallery and British Museum the other day and i loved them so much. especially National Gallery cause i got to see a painting which is now my most favorite painting ever: The Arnolnifi Portrait by Jan van Eyck. i would recommend you to research about him and this painting and if you can, please do go visit National Gallery to see it, it's in Room 56. 

i love London and i love to stay here as long as i can. but last night i had such a craving for Vietnamese street food. seriously, i could eat a whole cow last night, was so hungry.

til we speak again.


  1. Like your pants!


  2. Hello, Kim, this outfit is nice!! :) Love your blog, keep doing well as uo until now!!
    Wanna ask you about local boutiques, in which you are buying clothes! Especially in Vietnam! Where it is and so on, since I'm gonna be there by the end of this year! And where are you usually shopping in Vietnam. Thanks in advance! xxx Linh

    1. hello! thank you so much :) I always get my clothes in Nosbyn, The Blue Tshirt, Lam Boutique, Wephobia when I'm in Vietnam. You can search their addresses on Facebook but most of them only have studio, occasionally pop-up shop and they all sell online!