before we jump to the post, I just want to say that I am incredibly happy that many of you are supporting me to keep blogging. after 6 months of hiatus, I really didn't expect to see that many good feedback so thank you very much, I really appreciate it! and can I just throw in a little fun fact here? the majority of my readers is from America! I thought that most of my readers come from Vietnam but apparently, around 50% of my readers are from the States while only 10% come from Vietnam. shocker! but no matter where you are, thank you for reading this rambling blog of mine!

so I promised posts about my trip and since I am bored of revising and desperately need a break, I figured why not blog? so here it goes. the first part of my trip: France!

I couldn't take a lot of outfit photos but I'll squeeze in some cheeky shots. and this gonna be really long since I didn't want to split it into 2 parts.

I was around 16 or so on my first trip to Paris - France and it was one of the worst trips of my life. the weather was hot and humid, I didn't feel very well and some bad memories were made. since then, even though I had really bad first impression with Paris, I have always wanted to come back to re-write the history. I just didn't want to misjudge the city.

so this time I was prepared! I did my research and even brought along Volume 5 of Cereal magazine just because it has a few pages about Paris. but obviously the trip didn't go so well. my phone got pickpockted at a Metro station (may I just give you a piece of advice? never ever put your belongings in your coat pockets. just never! put everything in a small bag and wear it on the front). after that everything just went downhill. plus, some unpleasant things happened and I wanted to book a train back to London asap. but obviously, I didn't want to pay £200 for a 2 hours train back just because I was upset. and I looked forward to Italy so much so I carried on with my trip.

on our first full day in Paris, we went sight-seeing. I wanted to spend the rest of my time in Paris to do some other stuffs so I thought that I should just get all the tourist-y things done on the first day. we did the whole shebang. we went to Pont des Arts, Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysee and then had a lovely dinner. I reunited with a high school friend that day. funny thing is I used to dislike the guy so much because he always picked on me, I found him so annoying. and then he went study abroad and we just talk occasionally on Facebook. then suddenly he and I along with another guy become best friends! we call each other The Trio (lol). he was so posh, I even thought that he was going to attend a wedding or something.

Blogger screwed up the images' quality...

COS sweatshirt - Wephobia skirt- Topshop bag - Vagabond shoes
so cliche lol

 the second day, I went to a bakery that Van Anh from Chopstick Panorama recommended to me. let me tell you, the girl has taste! the bakery was incredible. the decor was brilliant, pink but not like disgustingly girly pink. everything was delicious but too bad their tea salon didn't open on the day we went. so we brought the cakes to a cafe shop and had some chill time. I also went to Dior house at 30 Avenue Montaigne since I used to intern at Dior and I have heard about this place for like a thousand times.

A.P.C t-shirt, COS cardigan, Wephobia skirt
 third day, my phone got pickpocketed just after I got out of the apartment. so even though I planned out the entire day to go to museums and chill, I didn't feel like going out anymore. all I did was going to the police station to get the crime report and then back to apartment to cry and be dramatic.

still, I managed to pick up all the pieces together and carry on with the trip. in order to make the best of my time, I planned out the entire day. my schedule was quite tight: Giverny in the morning, then back to Paris to go to Musée de l'Orangerie, Montmartre hill and other spots I wanted to go.

I woke up around 7 a.m and headed to Paris St Lazare station. Since I already booked the my tickets the night before, all I needed to do was just get the boarding pass printed. However, ticket machine asked for the card that I paid for the ticket in order to print the pass. On top of that, it took my quite a long time to figure that out since everything was in French. I started to panic since my train will depart in 20 mins. Luckily a girl (who wasn't fluent in English either) showed me to the ticket office and told the lady there that I was in a hurry and really in need of my tickets. That lady then let me cut the horrendous line and print out both of my boarding passes, show me how to use them and where to go. I was like Thanks God! maybe today is my lucky day!

In order to get to Giverny, you need to take a train from Paris to Vernon and then from Vernon you can take a bus or a taxi to Giverny. It takes like €15 for the taxi ride. I was super excited but somehow 45 mins train ride turned into nearly 3 hours ride since the train just stopped in the middle of nowhere because of some technical problems. I was freaking out! I needed to get to Giverny early in order to take the train back to Paris. I managed to get to Vernon and after 15 mins inside a taxi, I had like half an hour to see Monet's garden. it was short but sweet. the garden was so inspiring, everywhere I looked I could see a painting. my photography skill seriously didn't do it any justice, it was breathtaking! so so gorgeous. hopefully one day I can bring my mom here.

a piece of advice. if you do decide to go to Giverny, give it time, don't be like me and try to rush it. I took a taxi to Giverny because I didn't want to wait for the bus (it takes off in every hour). big mistake because there was no taxi around Giverny to get back to Vernon train station! at the time I didn't have a phone and I didn't know the language so I couldn't call a taxi company or something and the people there didn't really help (or they didn't know how to help). I was so scared since I already missed the bus back to Vernon. so I decided to walk! it seemed impossible because the highway was involved. but I couldn't just stand there, I didn't want to miss the train. just when I started to tear up and feeling hopeless, a car pulled over and a man asked if I needed any help. it was a bit sketchy because you know what they say about getting in a stranger's car. I could get killed or something. the car was rather old and the man looked a bit like a serial killer as well. but I was desperate and asked if he could give me a ride to the train station. he was like: Sure! turned out he does it all the time. like, he would see tourists like me walking down the road aimlessly and he would pull over and help them. I felt like it was a sight from God! he even showed me the weekend market and told me not to be scare. I wish I could repay him some how.

back to Paris, I headed to Musée de l'Orangerie to reunion with my neighbour from home. I love this museum, it doesn't get enough attention. I saw works of Monet, Matisse, Renoir and Picasso. Les Nymphéas was truly breathtaking, I even got emotional.

then we went to see some spots that I wanted to go to. like the Shakespeare & Company book shop, Moulin Rouge, Montmartre hill and then I finally rested my feet at Café des 2 Moulins - the Café that Amelie work at (I hope you've seen the film).

ASOS coat, H&M tee, Wephobia skirt

overall, Paris is nice if you have the right company and know where to go. but I don't love it like I love London. maybe I will come back one day but it will take a really special person to make me go back there again. and may I just say that the Metro in Paris is freaking scary? my phone got pickpocketed inside a Metro station and when I tried to buy a ticket, a sketchy looking woman approached me. crazy!

well, it was so freaking long. thank you if you've read it all. see you in the next post for Italy!


  1. Adorable, and it sounds like good times. I used to love Paris but I don't anymore. Too many memories.



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